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With years of coaching experience, working with top Powerlifters across the United States, Prometheus Strength rises with the demand for accessible quality coaching for all types of athletes. The mission is to show the people that the fire burning within the greatest of athletes burns within every single human being, and all it takes is proper coaching to reveal it.
With a penchant for Greek Mythology, Prometheus Strength materializes the story of democratizing the burning passion for strength sports into reality, allowing aspiring athletes from all walks of life to receive top-notch coaching system that will propel them into becoming their best selves on the platform.

The Challenge

Create a brand identity illustrating the mission of Prometheus Strength — to democratize top-notch strength training for athletes, especially beginners.

The Solution

Various Greek symbols were incorporated in creating the final logo of Prometheus Strength, making sure the final icon is straightforward yet distinct, veering away from the typicalities of icons in the strength industry.