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Krispair is a startup company that aims to supply compressed oxygen to the market. Their logo/identity was inspired by the chemical composition of oxygen (02). It was a distinct play with science and creative visuals that met in the middle, which was conveyed in a playful manner. The company sought help in the development of their logo, their packaging, and their App UI design.

The Challenge

Air is difficult to illustrate and that was the challenge in this project. The logo concept sprung from the fan blade of a mechanical fan wherein it was merged with the previous concept on making the “wind” illustration look like an “a.” Both ideas were used to generate a fan-like icon which could be further animated on the company’s app.

The company wanted to have different designs on every can based on flavors. There are 10 flavors (rain, wild rose, chamomile, vanilla, citrus, mango, garden fresh, summer breeze, ocean, and pine forest ) which entails ten different designs. In order not to compromise the first design (no flavor), each flavor will be represented with different colors as not to confuse the customers.

To supplement their product, Krispair has produced an application that enables the user to check the air quality of a particular place. Instead of bombarding the user with information, it was agreed upon that it was easier to present information in a very friendly way – thus, the use of recognizable facial icons and colors that indicate severity of air quality.

The Solution

By bringing together a comprehensive design guide and strategic implementation processes – from the logo to the specific icon usages, creative user and experience design, Krispair, and its products, were provided with cohesive materials that kept the brand vision and mission in sync in various platforms – print, web, and packaging.