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The ICON, also known at the Iloilo Convention Center, sits on a 1.7 hectare lot along the old Iloilo Airport, now known as the Iloilo Business Park. The convention center is a premier hub of regional conventions, providing venue for events like the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in 2015. Its structure was inspired by the Dinagyang and Paraw Regatta, Iloilo’s iconic annual festivals. The two-storey structure is among the new-age landmarks, solidifying the presence of modernism in a city filled with rich cultural heritage.

The Challenge

With the ICON’s striking architectural shell, the challenge is create an equally charismatic identity for its own brand that can best represent it across media.

The Solution

ICON’s re-imagined brand identity stays true to its inspiration, giving life to the concept without taking the core design away from the building’s iconic structure. The design is a response to the need for medium adaptability and recognition across different platforms, without taking the entire concept literally.